An organization is known by the people who pool in their efforts to make it a force to reckon with. More than 25 qualified and committed software Professionals form the backbone of Natural backed by a 125 men strong supporting team to function effectively. With an open thought provoking work culture at Natural, we encourage initiatives by individuals and groups providing the best solutions to our customers.


Natural has made significant investments in technological infrastructure, ensuring adequate capacity to sustain our growing business needs.

Natural is equipped with the most modern systems and supporting peripherals. Our team uses the latest agile development techniques and makes use of tools lik source code version control, bug trackers etc. for efficient working

Incorporating up to date facilities, some of the development tools used are Visual Basic,, NodeJS,, Oracle, SQL Server, MySql, Php, HTML, JavaScript, AngularJs etc.

Our Customers

Our customers have done us proud as on one hand our Customers list has increased, on the other most customers have added to our revenue by giving us repeat business.

Staying close to our customers is second nature to us. We pride ourselves on understanding that businesses come in all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to small and medium sized businesses, and mid-market companies.

Our Work Philosophy

With utmost priority and respect to Human values, we promise and strive to serve our customers with integrity, through a variety of innovative products and services by Applying Technology…day after day.

Our “Power of One” philosophy allows us to focus on a product that offers our customers unmatched functionality, exceptional value and supports their need for consistently superior business performance.